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Decrypt Cyber is on a mission to create the most valuable early-career resource in cybersecurity, or, in technical terms: rocket fuel for cyber students. Drink up.

In the weekly newsletter and world-wide talks/workshops we cover:

  • 💪 How to stand out in a rapidly growing industry and land your dream job or internship
  • 🤑 How to negotiate for promotion and higher compensation
  • 📚 How to make the most out of your time in college (hint: it has nothing to do with classes)

About the author

Not your grandma's career coach

Hey, I'm Nate Delgado. By day, I lead a team building the future of malware analysis. By night, I mentor students and young professionals eager to excel in the industry.

In my previous role as Lead Product Manager at Deloitte, I scaled the global Managed Extended Detection and Response platform (MXDR), ranked #1 by MSSP Alert 250, with clients across the Fortune 500.

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