Bring Decrypt Cyber to your school

Bring Decrypt Cyber to your school

Talks and workshops include:

  • a breakdown of the cyber industry illuminating the pathways available
  • proven strategies for breaking into and exceling in the field
  • and the famous Resume Roast.™

Check out the Wall of Love for 15 video testimonials of students who landed jobs, got promotions, and negotiated higher salaries with Decrypt Cyber.

All talks and workshops are free and can be done virtually or in-person! Email to get on the waitlist.

Speaking to future cyber pros at Virginia Tech
Decrypt Cyber in New Mexico
Taking lucky students out to dinner
Explaining the surest way to get rich (simple investing over long periods of time)
Decrypt Cyber in a cafe
Discord feedback from a student at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada
Blurry pic of students who wanted to dig deeper after a Decrypt Cyber presentation
One of the my favorite emails
Decrypt Cyber has worked with students from these universities and more

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