The one question that got me hired (at age 18)

The one question that got me hired (at age 18)

Sully Vickers is (was?) terrified of public speaking. So he applied for and spoke at a cyber conference. A master of diving into challenge, Sully has turned his youth into an asset, even landing a job before the company could legally hire him.

The first episode of the Decrypt Cyber podcast features Sully's strategies for facing his fears and getting people to take him seriously even when he's the youngest in the room.

We discuss:

  • How to turn cybersecurity executives into personal mentors
  • What it means when people ignore your emails
  • How he found out what he wants to do in his career (hint: he hates Wireshark)

Before starting college Sully, has spoken at conferences, been sponsored to travel nationwide for cyber events, and built a powerful contact list of cyber execs he considers friends. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!